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How to spy Facebook using TrackerFree

Facebook is the topmost used social media app that is used by billions of people all over the world. However, it has great benefits that help people to connect with their loved ones, but it also has some drawbacks. So these drawbacks would affect your kid’s life and their studies. If you want to protect their kids from online threats, then you can use the spy app. Therefore, TrackerFree is the best method to monitor all the activities of Facebook that are done by the target person.

How to spy Facebook using TrackerFree
How to spy Facebook using TrackerFree

So with TrackerFree, how to spy Facebook using TrackerFree, you can:

  • See all the Facebook conversation chats
  • View out the names of persons they have been talking with
  • Get date and time stamps to see when the conversation took place
  • Get access to any audio files, videos, and photos sent via Facebook messages and saved on the suspect person device
  • Every Facebook conversation chat are sent to your online panel of TrackerFree which you can see from anytime, anywhere with an internet connection

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Why you use Facebook spy app

The spy app has amazing features that help you to monitor someone’s Facebook account. With the use of this app, you can monitor all the conversations of the target person. So by these amazing features, you can hack someone’s Facebook conversations very readily. Also, you can get all the necessary details of the target person, such as time, person’s name, date, etc.

However, you can get the time and date so that you see the complete detail about the target person when this conversation has taken place. Moreover, you can find access to your videos and a photo that is received or send via Facebook chats and download all that is there on the individual device. So every chat will be sent to you, and you can see all the detail on the online dashboard. Therefore you can find all their details from anywhere and anytime, but make sure that you have an internet connection.

TrackerFree app assists you to monitor Facebook messages that are shared from the target person’s device. However, the complete conversation that was done by the target person will be recorded on your dashboard. However, if the spy app is installed on your device, then all the spy data will automatically be saved on your device. So you have no requirement to set any additional type of settings.

Steps to spy someone’s Facebook account

  • To use the spy app, download and install it first on your device. You can download this spy app from its official website.
  • Now click on the app icon to open it
  • After installing the app, you have to do is to create a user account on it by your valid mail id and passwords.
  • Now, put the details of the target person, such as their name, os, and number.
  • Now sign in to the spy app by click on the button “sign up.”
  • When all the process is completed, you will be able to monitor all the activities of the target person.

Some other benefits of TrackerFree app

TrackerFree app is also very beneficial for parents, husband/wife, and employees. With the help of this app, they can monitor their loved ones.

Parents who provide their smart device to their kids they are always concerned about their digital activities. So by use of the TrackerFree app, they can monitor all their mobile activities as well as their live location. They can track call logs, history of web browsers, accurate location, text messages, and social media apps.

You can readily see the activities of your boyfriend or girlfriend fully. If you notice that they are cheating on you, then you can simply hack their phone by the TrackerFree app. You can monitor who they are chatting all the time.

With the use of a TrackerFree app, you can get the live location of anyone. Also, you can see the real-time location of the target person by Google Maps.


Thus TrackerFree app considers the top as it assists people to monitoring complete information that the target person is doing on the device. However, hacking Facebook conversation is great as it will assist you in finding all that is related to the conversation of the Facebook account. Moreover, by the use of bets spyware, you can see full information such as multimedia files photos, and videos. The best part of the spy app is that the target person will never understand that you are hacking him.