Free SMS tracker app to track text messages

Free SMS tracker app to track text messages
Free SMS tracker app to track text messages

Free SMS tracker hidden app to track text messages

Today’s online world is very much complicated. Everybody is connected to social media with their phones. A free SMS tracker is monitoring software which helps you to track messages. It allows not for tracking SMS it also provides the call logs details, call recordings, website visiting. This app is designed for parents, employees, and partners. Everyone has a personal reason to track text messages of some one’s phone. That does not mean you have any evil intentions. A free SMS tracker will help to inform about the messaging history of your kids or spouse.

Free SMS tracker hidden app to track text messages
Free SMS tracker hidden app to track text messages

Important Points that have to check for an SMS tracker app

When you are going to search for a free tracker app, you will find multiple features but you can not trust on a random tracker app. Therefore, you have to check some important features in a particular app. Here is the list of features that you should check:

Trial period: SMS TrackerFree app has to provide you a trial period of software that will help you to choose the best app and provide its features before purchasing.

Tamper proof: The information which you are getting from an app should be true and based on real facts. And you have to sure that it has not tampered.

Languages: SMS tracking app offers you multiple languages so you can choose one of them according to your preference.

Some usable app for tracking

If you are looking for the best tracker app here, we have a list of some tracker app which is commonly used for tracking; XYSPY, this is the user-friendly app and comes with advanced spying features. It accesses instant messenger chats. PhoneTracking, it provides the watchlist alerts, it is compatible with androids and iPhone. SpyZee, it provides the calendar and the show installed app also provides the reminder facility. mSpy, it provides the location tracking facility also provide the details of a social networking site. SpyEra, it spy on social media also monitor emails.

Consider the following factors before using the tracker app

  1. Reliability: one of the important features while using the tracker app that is its reliability, use the reliable app. The unreliable app can unbalance the performance of the app.
  2.  Features: many apps offer you different features. When you are looking for a good app then you must check the features of the app that you are going to use.
  3.   User-friendly:the app that you are using should be user-friendly. The user interface most important. The app that you are using should be easy to install and easy to use.
  4.   Cost of app: cost varies according to features of the app; the cost is also matters for users. So the cost of the app should not be maximum or minimum. It should be satisfying according to the software.
  5.  Supporting: a matter of supporting is also matters. The app should be supportable for your phone. Customer support, technical support should also be available for the users.

TrackerFree app

TrackerFree app is one of the best parental control mobile apps for a new smartphone. It provides free of cost tracking and controlling feature. TrackerFree app provides you tracking of SMS call recordings, browsing history, live location status, photos, videos, contacts and many more.

The call tracker app protects the user data. This app will provide you important information that you expect from it.

Attraction of TrackerFree app

Call details

This feature of the TrackerFree app provides you all incoming/outgoing call details also it provides the call duration of the caller.

Contact details

One of the main features of this app that is it provides you the contact details of the target phone. You can get all the numbers with tracking software. According to this way, you will protect your children from strangers.

Monitoring of social sites

This spy app give you the detailed information about social media platform activities.  The information may be of Facebook, Instagram, and snapchat.

Surrounding location of the phone

It also offers you to get the location of the phone while the GPS location is not on. It also provides the facility of live viewing.

Steps to track text messages

Steps to track text messages
Steps to track text messages

You can directly download it from play store and also from the site:

Step 1: Open your search bar to browse the website and download TrackerFree app

Step 2: Click the ok button to finish the installation.

Step 3: After download, open the app.

Step 4: Generate your account id and password.

Step 5: Mention information about your account, and start monitoring.


This app is free for use also it is reliable. This is a user-friendly app provides you tracking facility at free of cost.



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