How to Hack A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

How to Hack A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing
How to Hack A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

What are the ways and tips to hack the cell phone without target knowledge

Hacking a cell phone is not an easy task. A need of a simple to use hacking software is always felt for this purpose which contains lots of features and tracker free spying app turned this dream into a reality with additional benefits to the users that all the features of this mobile monitoring software are free of cost. Mobile tracker free is cell phone monitoring software which allows you to spy on all activities on an android phone. Features of the application are simple to use and free of cost. This article aims to discuss the process of hacking a cell phone by the free tracker with its readers.

The ways and tips to hack the cell phone without target knowledge
The ways and tips to hack the cell phone without target knowledge

Ethical hacking and its importance

Hacking is treated as an unlawful act and hacker as a person who is interested to learn more and more about details of the computer system. Hacking is always treated as an unlawful act but if performed with permission it is legal and the process is called ethical hacking. Hackers of ethical hacking are named as ethical hackers who perform hacking activities without any malicious intent. Providing security by intellectual attacks and threats is the primary objective of ethical hacking.

What is rooting

Rooting allows Smartphone and tablet users to have privileged access within the android system. To enable GPS or to track social media or any other information of the third party is the main objective of rooting. Android manufacturers deny the warranty of rooted devices.  The primary goal of rooting is to overcome by limitations of hardware manufacturers.

Control overlooks of the device are the main advantage of rooting and some more rooting advantages are listed below-

  • Full control of overclocking or underclocking the CPU.
  • Full application control over backup and restore.
  • Ability to install custom ROM for additional control on rooted devices.

Why TrackerFree is given priority

There are a lot of spying apps available now a day in the market but all the software is not rated equally. A user gives priority to those applications which are capable to fulfill their objectives by providing them extra benefits and because of these reasons mobile tracker free is now the best choice for its users. Here we are highlighting some of its main features-

  • The installation process is simple
  • Application is easy to use
  • Tracing is possible without rooting the phone
  • Real-time monitoring is now possible by tracker free
  • The ratio of satisfied customers is the highest
  • TrackerFree is compatible with Android 10

Steps to Hack A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

Steps to Hack A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing
Steps to Hack A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing

Some steps are to be followed for giving shape to any procedure which is as follows:

  • With a valid email address create an account for mobile tracker free.
  • Enable unknown sources to install the application.
  • Installation of the unknown application is needed to be allowed for the browser.
  • Disable a google play protect security system to prevent the app from being detected as potentially dangerous.
  • Log In and download the app.

Download TrackerFree At:

Usage of TrackerFree is treated legal or not

We are not sure about advice on local laws but the usage of tracker free is treated legal but to avoid legal problems it will be advised to inform the targeted person or group that they are under surveillance and to receive permissions. Breach of obligation and installation of the application is your responsibility. Smartphone’s and tablets are compatible with mobile tracker free which are running Android version 2.2 above, it is hard for the user to identify the software as it works in stealth mode. TrackerFree allows you to track several devices per account.

Difference between paid and free tracking apps

Having a successful app is the main goal of everyone. 90% of apps available in app stores are free of cost but we should not forget that paid apps contain more advantages than free apps. The objective of the app is the main factor that is to be kept in mind while deciding for a paid or free app. The ratio of downloads goes in favor of free apps as compared to paid ones. Free apps like tracker free receive great reviews but on the other side, there are loyalty issues with free apps. For our tracking objective, it will be suggested to go for free apps only because they are capable to fulfill your expectations.

Restrictions with TrackerFree

Along with benefits, everything is blessed with some restrictions also and the same is the case with the mobile tracker. Have a look at problems and restrictions with mobile tracker free.

  • Only 1 recorder is allowed by the android so removing all other recorders is essential otherwise TrackerFree will fail to record calls.
  • Incoming messages are retrieved through access to notifications where messages not displayed in notification bar are not displayed whereas outgoing messages are retrieved through accessibility which is treated unreliable to save messages.
  • Receiving incoming messages through instant messaging is not possible in Android GO and in addition to it; you are unable to access notifications.

Uninstalling TrackerFree

Just like the installation process uninstalling the application is also an easy task which contains step by step procedure which is to be followed. Steps of uninstalling the application are as follows-

  • Open account- Select device- Selection of features- Password for starting the application
  • Prepare a targeted android phone
  • The program will start
  • Select menu – Uninstall – Ok

Functioning of TrackerFree

A mobile tracker application is required to be installed on the device which you are targeting to monitor. Holding a targeted device for an average of five minutes is essential for the installation of the application. After that, you are allowed to create an account and save it by the required necessary parameters. After completing the installation process even deleted data are downloaded to your account. You are permitted to track several devices with one particular account by using the premium version.

The free version will not give you this facility. By default interval time for the mobile tracker is four hours which can be changed as per the requirement. Mobile tracker instantly transfers data and in the case, if the connection is unavailable, the data will be saved to resend it when the connection is available. TrackerFree can be used all over the world for data transfer to your account and the basic necessity for performing the task is an internet connection.


In a fast-growing world of today tracking, not only our ward but of competitors is also a big necessity and we should be thankful to technology for giving us tracking apps like a mobile tracker which made all our dreams comes true. Parents that are bothered about the activities of their daily activities are now capable to keep a look at them by tracking cell phones. Not only in parenting, had tracking apps played a great role for professionals also in supervising their junior by tracking their activities.

You can directly download the TrackerFree application from the link. Loyalty issues which were a big problem in the past were solved to a big extent today and credit goes to technology and tracking tools. That it is possible for the free of cost. This is the best application for hacking the entire cell phone without any notification to the target. So install this application from the mentioned link above.



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