Hidden call recorder without them knowing

Hidden call recorder without them knowing

How to use Hidden call recorder without letting them knowing about it

Firstly let us know about the hidden call recorder. In the world full of technological up-gradations, we are constantly leaving our digital impacts whether we are viewing any content online, doing any shopping online, sending out emails, etc. All the details we are revealing to the web might be accessible utilizing various applications offered at a small cost. Thus hidden call recorder applications might be obtained and can be set up in that gadget or device in which different activities have to be tracked. After this process, the intended device call records can be easily accessed from online websites or using spy applications on your mobile phone.

How to use Hidden call recorder without letting them knowing about it
How to use Hidden call recorder without letting them knowing about it

Reason to use hidden call recorder

The requirement for using hidden call recorders are increasing day by day. People are using different applications to record the call details of their kids, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, and employees, etc to keep an eye on their everyday communications. The main reason for parents to record their kids’ call details is because of the increasing cases of cyberbullying. They don’t want to see their child in any trouble. But now you can maintain your child from killers on the web and save them from any illegal issues by utilizing these hidden call recorder applications on your android Smartphone.

These call recorders are the concealed applications that allow you to keep an eye on your loved one’s actions by hacking texts, call logs, social action, etc. In this article, we are going to read about TrackerFree applications which have ranked as the best-hidden call recorder all over the world.



TrackerFree application is the most powerful mobile spy software and it is also very easy to use. Let us know what does the cell phone spy app means is. It is the software which is used to spy on the phone activities of other people. This application supports all the spying operation which can be done from different devices such as IOS, windows, or android phones. It is very much useful if you want to know what the targeted person is doing from morning to night on their phones.

How to use TrackerFree for recording the call of anyone

To use this application you first have to download the app TrackerFree. For this, you have to visit its website which is https://trackerfree.net/install-free-tracker-app/ where you can easily download this app. After installing this application on your preferred mobile phones or device, go to the home page of the app. Here you can get the option of login and sign in to the TrackerFree app.

It is very much necessary that you create a personal account in these applications and remember your ID and password. If in case you have forgotten the ID and password of your TrackerFree account, it is not possible for you to now see the call records of the targeted person. You have to first complete all the steps of login to reach the control panel of the app which enables you to see the call records and other features.

To use the different features of the app and to monitor, spy, hack the activity of the targeted phone you have to enter all the details of the targeted person’s device. Enter all the right details and then submit it to them. After this step, you can easily see the activity of the targeted person’s phones at same time.

The working of this application involves constantly recording of the activity of the targeted device and transferring the collected information to your control panel. If you have to see all the collected data you have to log in to your account and must have a good internet connection. The data gets updated time by time as the target device is getting operated by the person.

The hidden call recorder feature present in this application records all the outgoing as well as incoming calls. Then such recording is passed on to you as soon as it is recorded. You can also see or view the call details like the date of the call, time of the call, duration of the call, type of the call, name of the person contacted, telephone number of the person contacted, location of the person, etc. anytime anywhere you want.

Other features of the applications for TrackerFree

It can record all the calls, contacts, call history, Records all the SMS, MMS, IM chats, Spy social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc., Location monitoring, It monitors and records all the passwords and patterns of the targeted device, Browser history blocking and monitoring, etc.



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