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Download & Install TrackerFree Mobile Tracker Free

In this era, many people wanted to track someone’s mobile phone. But due to a lack of knowledge they never hack the phone. Some people think that they have to learn programming language for tracking someone’s phone. But it is not true, if you want to track someone’s cell phone then don’t worry. Here you will learn how you can track someone’s phone without learning programming language. No matter what is the reason behind tracking someone’s phone? You can track anyone phone through the TrackerFree app. Today many tracking apps are available on the internet but some are fraud. Here I will tell you why TrackerFree app is best for you if you want to know about your target user’s device.

Download & Install TrackerFree Mobile Tracker Free
Download & Install TrackerFree Mobile Tracker Free

Some benefits of TrackerFree app


The TrackerFree app offers more than 25 features that will help you to provide the information about the target device. You can see many information of your target device like call details, messages details, track internet history, etc.


This app is undetected by another tracking app means your target user will never know that you are tracking their phone.

Easy to install

You don’t need to learn any computer or coding language for using this app. This app is a user-friendly app and very easy to install. You don’t need to take too much time and trouble to download this app.


Not all apps provide services but the TrackerFree app provides the best services. It provides 24 hours of customer support and technical services. No matter it is day or night if you have any query then you can call its customer care services anytime. They are always ready to solve your problem.

No area limit

No matter where you are and where your target device is? You can track your target users’ location from home, office and any place. You can track your target device even though your target users live in another city.

100% accurate information

Today millions of people are using the TrackerFree app because of its excellent services. This app provides you 100% safe and accurate services. Through this app, you can control your target device from your phone.

How you can download the TrackerFree app

For download this app you need to follow some easy step and then you will be able to track someone’s mobile. So let’s began.

Step 1

To download TrackerFree app, first visit the official website of TrackerFree app that is and then install it on your target device. After installation, create an account by using your email id and password. Enter your Gmail id and password and then click on the login option.

Step 2

When you logged in the account you need to enter some information on your target device. The details that you will need to enter that is mobile no of your target users, icloud id and password, etc. The process of entering information is called registration process.

Step 3

However, no one wants that they are caught during track phone. If you want that your target user never knows anything about this app then hide the app. Go to the setting on TrackerFree app and start the hidden mode option. After that, your target user will never show any login or app icon on their phone.

Step 4

After completing all the process you need to log in the same TrackerFree account on your phone. So login the account and next you will see the online control panel where you need to do some setting. After that, you can access all the details of your target device.

Some features that TrackerFree app offer

  • Call spy– listen to call live call as well as past call recording and view call details.
  • SMS spy– read all messages and sees the details of the message.
  • GPS tracker– see the live location and past location details.
  • Browser history spy- view what your target user is searching and watching on the internet.
  • App spy- sees the details about the app that has on your target device.
  • File spy
  • Social media spy- views all details like timeline, stories, shared photos, etc.
  • WhatsApp spy– view WhatsApp status, contact list, etc.
  • Gmail spy, etc.

This app also offers many features you can visit its official website and where you can read all the features in detail. I hope you have to learn how you download this app and spy someone’s mobile.