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Spy call using TrackerFree

Have you heard of doing spying on a cell phone for listening to the held live calls? Do you know how to spy on a phone call by accessing spyware? You might be heard something about spyware, not much but a little bit. If yes then in this article we will give more description of the call spying using the best spyware. Might be the suspect is your wife or husband, best friend, girlfriend or boyfriend, children or employee whom you want to spy. Just read out this helpful guide and learn to spy on phone calls using the TrackerFree app.

Spy call using TrackerFree
Spy call using TrackerFree

This wonderful application permits a user to receive the details of all call logs in a sequential order whether an outgoing call or incoming call or deleted call or missed call. With the TrackerFree tool, a user will get the basic details of each call log. It is the time of call, date of the call, total calls made/received, frequency of contact, duration, call number, and name, etc. Thus it will be a lot helpful in clearing the doubts with whom the conversations on the phone calls were done.

Know about the working of the TrackerFree App

No doubt accessing this wonderful newest technology will amaze you with the outcomes that it delivers. This spy tool is designed by skilled and experienced software developers with perfect programming. It is a parental control app that is used for keeping eyes on the cell phone actions of the children. Not only it is restricted to parents but a spouse, friend, the employer can also make use of it. The best thing is that this application doesn’t demand one to have IT skills and it is much easy to install and use. Moreover, the compatibility of the app on various OS namely iPhone, android, etc is making is a good solution.

Once the application successfully gets downloaded and installed, the user will be free to monitor and get the information as per the requirements. Text messages, call logs, GPS location, multimedia files, internet history, etc activities details can be easily retrieved. Also when a user uses the application, he or she need not have to worry about keeping the device closer to the suspect and view all activities conducted. The remote functioning facility helps a user to access the app from anywhere, using any browser.

Follow the steps to start using the application

  • Firstly a user has to visit the application official website taking the help of this URL address.
  • Now the next step is creating a user account using an authentic email address and password.
  • Now get this spyware downloaded and installed into your OS and target person OS.
  • Make sure to permit the option of the unknown source to let the app takes its place in the device conveniently.
  • Use signup details and login to start using the app.
  • From the online dashboard, you will get the info on various activities conducted.

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For whom is this application developed

Parents- The parents that are mostly busy with the job and household work often worry about their children’s activities. Now to watch the activities done by the children and provide complete safety to them the use of spyware is given priority. Also through spying the parents can read the text messages, view call logs, listen to the held live calls and see stored media files. This way they will get a fair idea of the activities children have conducted.

Spouse- If in case a partner seems to lose the trust of the partner due to the strange attitude that is developed and also he/she is not giving time to the relationship, the need for spyware becomes a must. Using the spyware will provide almost all details of the activities the spouse conducts into the device.

Good qualities of the app

  • Companion with iOS and android
  • Works in a hidden mode
  • Free to use the app
  • Good technical team is available
  • 100% result oriented
  • Free of viruses

Spying features

Call logs spy- The call information including call history like types of call whether incoming, outgoing, missed, ignored, deleted will be available in proper order. The date, location, duration, call frequency, call location, persons engaged in the calls, etc will be available.

Live calls recording- The live calls are recorded when a target receives a call or makes a call. The call is recorded in high quality with full clearance so one can hear all words clearly.


So this was all about the best call spying tool that you can use for more purposes as per your wish. get it now from the official site and start spying to fulfill your aim.