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How to spy WhatsApp using TrackerFree

These days, whenever you get your first mobile from your parents or anyone as a gift, the first thing you do is to install WhatsApp on it. Isn’t it friends. Yes it is. There is no doubt about it. Also if you do not see WhatsApp on the mobile you get a bit frenzied and then you try every possible step to install it on mobile. Have you closely observed that how stimulating is the effect of WhatsApp on everyone?

How to spy WhatsApp using TrackerFree
How to spy WhatsApp using TrackerFree

The reason behind the popularity of the WhatsApp is that it is laden with all the attributes of modern communication. For example you can send images, call, do text messaging that too with no charge and it is free. WhatsApp has taken the levels of communication to new heights and makes everything easy. However, there are individuals who misuse the freedom provided to us by the WhatsApp. Many are using this platform for spreading wrong motives.

However, the presence of applications like cell phone spy will help you in mitigation of such wrong doings. The cell phone spy offers different techniques that will be helpful in spying the unauthentic activities on the WhatsApp.

Introduction to TrackerFree

Steps of spying the WhatsApp using TrackerFree
Steps of spying the WhatsApp using TrackerFree

TrackerFree rules the industry when it comes to spy application. Its most updated content on the spying activities of social media is unique and recognized in the industry. Because of its innovative content, it is gaining popularity across the globe. Also, it has received many awards for the exceptional content it gives on the spy activities.

Steps of spying the WhatsApp using TrackerFree

Hacking WhatsApp with the spoofing technique of TrackerFree

It is a popular method of spying about the WhatsApp conversations. When you apply this method then each and every text of the targeted customer can be seen. It works on android as well as the IOS. In the method of Mac spoofing the software generally makes the clone of the unique id that is provided by each developer to the phone. There is a media access control, which is the combination of different numbers and letters. If you are able to tweak the media access control, then you can access the entire phone.

The Mac spoofing method uses some steps to achieve the spying objectives. There is a code which you need to obtain from the targeted phone. Once you get this code then you can easily copy the code and start spying. First, you will have to go to the settings of the targeted phone and then click on the status option. When you click on the device you will have to retrieve the code. After this there are certain steps you need to follow to achieve your objective and this include

  1. Uninstalling the WhatsApp on the mobile device
  2. Now you will have to change the MAC address with the help of the software of cell phone spy.
  3. You will receive an activation code and this will be send to you with the help of SMS.
  4. After implementation of the above procedures you will have access to all the information of the target phone.

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Benefits of the cell phone spy

Safe, secure and reliable

Unlike the other spy applications that rarely have any kind of additional software for the security system of phone, this application has the software. The cell phone spy is a type of application that has its unique security software that will help you in providing safety to your application. This security software is undetectable and is not prone to hacking.

Spy the messages and videos

The cell phone spy application tracks the images of the targeted phone without being caught. All the images that are downloaded or send are monitored by the application. Moreover, the shared videos are also tracked. This is helpful for the parents who want to track their children. Generally it happens that most of the youngsters share some private pictures unknowingly, that they should not. The parents will receive a notification if any such activity is seen.

Tracks the links opened

This application will also notify the person about the link opened by the targeted phone. There are some links that are unauthentic for the phone. However, the application will do not let the other person open any unauthentic links.

Uses the key logger feature

This application also uses the key logger feature that monitors all the activities of the targeted phone.


Hope, the above article makes you aware in knowing How to spy WhatsApp using Cell Phone Spy. trackerfree.net you can also visit this link to know about more.